Each week, two new songs enter the Trial By FIRE, only one winner continues. Four consecutive wins retires the song as a champion.

And these are the best of the best:

September 21, 2015:
Sunflower Dead - "Dance With Death"

July 27, 2015:
Awaken The Empire - "Cross My Heart"

June 22, 2015:
The Wyldz - "Let It Go"

May 18, 2015:
RavenEye - "Breaking Out"

April 13, 2015:
Message To Venus - "Over And Done"

February 23, 2015:
The Bloodline - "With Fire (Comes Absolution)"

We started #TrialByFIRE in 2014 as a daily event and you responded in a big way. In 2015, we changed the competition to weekly in an effort to give fans more time to share and vote. And it worked! Thank you for being a part of the fun.

For the complete list of 2014 winners, visit the 2014 Wall Of Flame.

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