Trial By FIRE

Two new songs to listen to and vote on, one winner continues.
Four wins in a row retires as a champion.
Voting is for seven days:
From Monday at 4pm eastern to the following Monday at 1pm eastern.

This is the Wall Of FLAME

Winners of 4 weeks in a row, these are the Best of the Best 2018:

November 26, 2018:
Eve To Adam - "No Easy Way Out"

October 1, 2018:
Sunflower Dead - "Victim"

August 20, 2018:
Disconnected - "White Colossus"

July 2, 2018:
Farewell to Fear "Underneath My Skin"

May 7, 2018:
Them Evils - "Got Me Rockin'"

April 9, 2018:
Radioblack - "Into The Sky""

March 12, 2018:
Santa Cruz - "Fire Running Through Our Veins""

January 29, 2018:
Avatar - "The King Wants You"

We started #TrialByFIRE in 2014 as a daily event and you responded in a big way.
In 2015, we changed the competition to weekly in an effort to give fans more time to share and vote. And it worked!
Thank you for being a part of the fun.

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